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Live your Life

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Hi! I am Ashish

Welcome to Explore new dimension’s of Life

As a professional i am MBA in Marketing along with Post graduated from IIT Delhi, having a decade of experience in Automobile industry (R&D)- Passenger and commercial segment.

I have dedicated my life to help people to understand and enjoy their life. as life is not just a tool to live with, it is more than the our thought.

Each day i am living my life what i dream yesterday. Enjoying it with positive intention and enthusiasm is one of the key aspect of my life. Exploring the new dimensions of life is my soul objective as the life is full of experiences and challenges which gives value to the life as well the people in the environment.

Share your Life experiences which helps others to valued their life.

Thank you so much to connect with us !

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Life is begin at the end of your comfort zone

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How i know, i am living best life ?

it is your soul which defines your life and it’s value

2. is it necessary to take challenge in life?

Remind me a dialogue from interstellar

Case: it is not possible, Cooper- it is necessary

3. is Risk taking in life painful?

Pain defines your wisdom

4. What are the impact of bad time in life journey?

Bad times are the pebbles of life which strengthen the road of life.