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Oct 9, 2021 by Ashish Choudhary

Technology should improve your life not become your life
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We should use the technology to give us a direction not over-rule the decision itself....

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Oct 10, 2021 by Ashish Choudhary

Enjoy! Each moment of life
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Up’s and down’s are the part of life. Enjoying each & every moment is necessary....

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Oct 7, 2021 by Ashish Choudhary

Lets explore life with me
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Life is amazing and full of surprises with challenges and happiness....

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Life connects people around the world

Life is more beautiful than our thought. we are just explored fraction of it in the past years. To see the actual picture of it we will have to open our eyes. Their is no need to see things with the glasses. Environment is the natural glass. just see and realize the beautification of nature. We will together explore the new world which is existing in everyone’s subconscious mind.

Let’s begin! with LIFINK

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“Life is begin at the end of your comfort zone”

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Reader’s Thoughts

Assistant Professor & Visual artist

Color & canvas is life for me. Each day my canvas gives me a whole new world to define myself to the world and color help me to connect emotionally with the people and environment around me. Thanks lifink to sharing my view to the world about life


Executive Professional

Connecting with people is life for me. Everyday i have solving problems related to people which gives me happiness and satisfaction. articulation and words are most important part of my life. Understanding people & listening them gives me a exploration opportunity and inspiration to my life. Thanks Lifink for doing wonderful things for connecting people around the globe


Senior Citizen, Retired Gov. Dep.

Following the routine & dedication towards by job was my life till retirement. later i found their is lot’s of thing which i should do to support people and nature. so now gardening is my passion which gives me immense pleasure. when new leaf’s growing from the plant. Connecting with environment is one of the my soul intension. Thanks Lifink to share my opinion about the life. wish him all the best for their fantastic work.


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